A gang of liberal clergy have filed an interesting legal challenge to what they are calling North Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage. They’re saying that the state is infringing on their religious liberty to perform gay marriages.

Hey, it’s at least novel. You’ve got to give them that.

Christian News:

The Cleveland, Ohio-based United Church of Christ (UCC), which is outside of biblical orthodoxy and was the first American religious group to ordain homosexuals and affirm abortion, filed the suit in federal court on Monday. Several local clergy members from within the UCC and those from other sects also joined the litigation. It is the first lawsuit to challenge a state marriage amendment on religious grounds.

The plaintiffs assert that North Carolina’s ban on same-sex “marriage” unlawfully bars them from serving a certain sector of the public, thus inhibiting their liberty to perform their clerical duties.

One could obviously make this argument about anything though. Anything any fringe religious kook group wants to do they could cry that the government’s laws are infringing on their religious liberty.

I remember last week, a bunch of Native Americans in jail said that the smoking ban in the hoosegow was an infringement of their religious liberty. From what I remember, it didn’t go well for them. But hey, they tried, right?

It’s funny, I don’t remember the United Church of Christ worrying about religious liberty when it came to the HHS Mandate. In fact, the United Church of Christ (UCC), endorsed the HHS mandate that requires employers to provide insurance coverage for contraceptives and abortifacients.

I guess when they say religious liberty they actually just mean you have the liberty to do exactly what they want you to.

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