Some more confirmation that the current crisis in the Church is all in my faithless pessimistic little head.

So the other day the big news was that Cardinal Müller of the CDF stated the obvious to the LCWR. Hooray for Orthodoxy!! All is well.

So no sooner did that news break, did the infamous Cardinal Kasper, the Pope’s hand-selected keynote speaker for the Synodal preparatory meeting, the very person who the Pope praised for his serene theology, publicly mocked  Cardinal Müller for his actions.

A key cause in Cardinal Müller’s rebuke of the LWCR was the invitation to speak of the group to Sister Elizabeth Johnson, whose book was publicly censured by the USCCB. Do you know how far out in left field you need to be to get censured by the USCCB?

So what does Cardinal Kasper do? No sooner did Cardinal Müller rebuke the LWCR for the invitation, Cardinal Kasper publicly praises Sister Elizabeth Johnson and rebukes Cardinal Müller for not ‘dialoguing.’

And this kind of open warfare between the Cardinals has happened before. Last year, Cardinal Kasper publicly contradicted Cardinal Müller for upholding the Church’s 2,000 year view on divorce and remarriage.

So speaking of that subject, Cardinal Kasper continues to travel around talking up his Kasper Theorem, that while leaving in place the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage, would render it moot through praxis. Don’t take my word on it, this has been the take of many of the Cardinals that heard it. Meanwhile, the Pope praised it as ‘serene theology’ and allows Cardinal Kasper to promote it and mock Cardinal Müller.

As if this wasn’t bad enough. The President of the Synod of Bishops Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, appointed by Pope Francis and just made a Cardinal, the man charged with organizing this year’s and next year’s Extraordinary Synod to deal with this very issue has now publicly taken sides with Kasper saying it is time ‘to update Church marriage doctrine.’ Update Doctrine!!

And finally back to Cardinal Kasper again. In his speech at Fordham, Cardinal Kasper relays the following story from Pope Francis after another Cardinal criticized Kasper’s book to the Pope as containing heresy. Pope Francis told Kasper that such criticism ‘goes in one ear and out the other.” Heresy being a trivial matter and all.

And adding insult to copious injury, Cardinal Kasper then gave and interview in which he claimed Church is “not against birth control at all.”

Serene Theology indeed.

I know, I know. Connecting these dots and thinking we may have a problem on our hands is where lunacy resides.

It’s all in my head. This is not real. It’s all in my head. This is not real. It’s all in my head. This is not real…

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