An appeals court has ordered a man to stop reproducing, according to NorthCoastNow.


The court actually simply upheld an earlier ruling from a lower court and it was done because of some technicality but the upshot is that a dude named Asim Taylor is not allowed to have any more children until he makes good on child support payments for the children he has already fathered.

Walther imposed the order during a January 2013 hearing in which he placed Taylor on probation for failing to pay nearly $100,000 in child support for his four children.

At the time, Walther called the order a “matter of common sense and personal responsibility.”

Walther, who handles all criminal non-support cases in the county, said Monday that the appeals decision gives him the authority to impose similar restrictions on other defendants in similar cases. But he also said he would have liked to have seen a more detailed analysis of the legality of his order.

Great. He feels he can do this again. No problems there, right? Maybe we should just bring back government enforced sterilization instead.

The guy in question seems like a total tool but do we really want a government telling someone they can or can’t reproduce? Where are the pro-choicers on this? This seems like it should be right up in their wheelhouse, right? I kid.