Sheesh. There’s an awful lot of people hating on the Susan B. Anthony List. They must be doing something right.

In recent weeks, the SBA List argued for its first amendment rights to the Supreme Court after a former congressman attacked the pro-life group in an attempt to silence free speech, especially pro-life free speech.

Now, it turns out that Sen. Carl Levin was attempting to use the IRS as a DNC bureaucratic brute squad on the SBA-List as shown in a letter dated shortly before the 2012 election.

If you were expecting the SBA_list to shriek and scurry away in fear you haven’t been paying attention. SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser commented on the news today:

“We have recently been engaged in a Supreme Court fight to preserve our First Amendment freedom to criticize elected officials and expose the truth about their actions in Washington. That we have also recently been targeted by senior legislators seeking to silence us is another example of government attempts to stoke fear in the hearts of those who disagree with them. Fear of engaging in the public square is antithetical to the ideals on which our country was built. That’s why we will always fight fear and work to preserve freedom.”

“Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Any government action that leads to fear of navigating in the public square is unhealthy for Democracy, and must be stopped.”

Doesn’t sound like they’re going away, does it?

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