A movie is being made about the life of Pope Francis and Antonio Banderas is reportedly set to play him.

Oh my. How much you want to bet the movie’s poster will contain the words, “Who am I to judge?”

The Blaze:

Pope Francis has captivated the world over the past 13 months, creating intrigue and inspiring the masses — so much so that an Italian entertainment company has begun pre-production on a Spanish-language movie about the pontiff’s life.

A spokeswoman for Taodue Film, an Italy-based production house, told Religion News Service that the $12 million movie will be called “Call Me Francesco” and that actor Antonio Banderas could be cast to play Pope Francis.

The movie, based on the bestselling biography, “Francisco: El papa de la gente,” will be shot in various locations around Argentina and Italy, the outlet reported.

The 53-year-old Banderas, who is Spanish, was first mentioned as a possibility to portray Francis in December.

I remember reading somewhere that Banderas is Catholic and seemed pretty serious about it. Who knows, right?

I think it’s too soon for something like this but who knows. Maybe it’ll be brilliant and wonderful. Who am I to judge?