The problem is that we accept it. Liberal toolboxes do liberal toolboxy things. But when we support them in their toolboxery, we’re at least partly to blame.

I remember a few years ago tuning in in to ABC Family because my oldest daughter said she was interested in a show on there that some kids at school were yapping about. So I told her I’d watch it. I did. And was horrified that any kid in the 7th grade was watching the show, especially at a Catholic school. I have since ruled out ABC Family.

Parents TV Council reports:

ABC has announced that it will be moving its graphic drama Grey’s Anatomy into the Family Hour next fall. When asked about the move, ABC President Paul Lee said showing explicit content when children are in the audience is “much less relevant than it was five years ago.”

Grey’s Anatomy has long been one of ABC’s steamiest shows, with frequent depictions of sex between characters. The medical drama also often features gory scenes of surgery. Yet, Paul Lee – president of a network owned by The Walt Disney Company – thinks the fact that millions of children may be exposed to such content is “not an issue.”

Here’s the thing, the network executives don’t care about your children so you have to. It’s up to us to be aware of everything our children take in.

These jerks would air snuff films if people would watch it.

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