I wouldn’t mind this so much if children knew how to properly use the pronouns they already had. C’mon, ask 100 kids in North America to use “me” or “I” in the proper context and I’d bet 9 out of 10 would get it wrong. Now, they’ll be expected to use these alien looking “Xe, Xem, Xyr” too?

They look like words that L. Ron Hubbard invented. This is just plain nuts but maybe that was covered with the mention of L. Ron Hubbard.

CNS News:

The Vancouver (British Columbia) Board of Education has approved a sweeping new policy for accommodating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, queer, questioning and “all sexual and gender identities,” including the creation of three pronouns, replacing masculine and feminine with xe, xem and xyr (pronounced ze, zem and zur).

Two spirit is an Aboriginal term which means having both feminine and masculine spirits. It’s not limited to gender expression or sexuality, but encompasses them both while incorporating a spiritual element. It’s a standalone identity, not an Aboriginal term for gay lesbian.

The Vancouver Board of Education’s policy also includes making restroom and sports activities accessible to all transgender students, regardless of their biological sex.

“Absolutely,” Mike Lombardi, vice chairman of the board told CNSNews.com when asked about the new policy as reported by the Vancouver Sun. “We’ve been very, very progressive.”

I wonder what would happen if a kid sneezed in Vancouver. Do you now say “God bless xe.” Oh wait, they’d probably get in trouble for mentioning God.