It is often said that God sometimes works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, however, He doesn’t. Sometimes the answer is so much simpler than anyone thought. But amazing nonetheless.

Father Steve Mattson of the Church of the Resurrection parish can recall praying the Diving Mercy Chaplet in front of Lansing Michigan’s last free standing abortion clinic. He recalls praying fervently for the closing of the clinic. He didn’t know how it could happen but he prayed nonetheless.

Fr. Mattson prays for many things including helping out his local Catholic schools by attracting a group of Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, to teach in them. He knew they received requests from all over the country but he requested anyway and prayed. And that prayer was answered when he learned that four nuns would indeed come.

Of course, with that solution, a new problem presented itself. Where would the nuns live?

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Note: It’s not amazing because I wrote it. It’s amazing because what Fr. Mattson did.