An Iowa judge recently ruled against Planned Parenthood and for a Catholic priest who serves on the state Board of Medicine. The abortion giant had argued that Monsignor Frank Boganno had played an “outsized role” (whatever that means) in banning telemedicine abortion services.

The claims they laid against him essentially amounted to “He’s a priest” and “He’s pro-life” so that means evil and he shouldn’t count. I’m actually not kidding. That’s pretty much their argument summed up.

The Des Moines Register:

Planned Parenthood’s lawyer noted in court filings that Bognanno had previously helped lead anti-abortion efforts. The lawyer also noted that before he was named to the medical board in 2012, the priest participated in objections to the board about Planned Parenthood’s telemedicine system.

But in a ruling released Tuesday, Polk County District Judge Jeffrey Farrell determined that Bognanno acted appropriately. “Monsignor Bognanno may oppose all abortion, but the record demonstrates that he focused his attention on medical abortion and the applicable standard of care,” the judge wrote in the 40-page ruling, which upheld the board’s ban on the telemedicine abortion system.

Planned Parenthood also objected to the fact that Bognanno distributed anti-abortion material to other board members a few weeks before the vote on the issue. The information included contentions that abortion pills are dangerous, which Planned Parenthood supporters dispute.

It horrifies Planned Parenthood that anyone who doesn’t believe their lies is allowed to make any decisions whatsoever so they went to their playbook which consists of a few simple rules:

1) Kill babies for money
2) Support the Democrat party
3) Vilify opponents using our friends in the media.
4) Kill babies for even money.
5) If we don’t like something, find a judge to overturn it.

*subhead*The playbook.*subhead*