Jean Hill, the Director of the Diocese of Salt Lake City Peace and Justice Commission, wrote in the Intermountain Catholic that if you’re pro-life you’re against a balanced budget amendment.

Locally, the Utah Legislature consistently defines itself as pro-life, but its actions have been contrary to that self-image. Legislators have failed for years to enact a state Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income families; they seek to make childcare less readily available, and refuse to expand health care coverage to thousands of low-income individuals, including single parents. They also will pursue a resolution in support of a federal balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that would force massive cuts to social programs that protect the dignity of life for women and children.

Catholics who profess to be pro-life must pay attention not only to what is happening at abortion clinics but also in the halls of Congress, at the Utah Legislature, and around the globe. Protecting the sanctity and the dignity of life requires nothing less.

This kinda’ drives me crazy. If you believe in the sanctity of life you must stand with Big Brother. Pro-Life = Pro-tax.

You see, what this does is it makes bloated federal budgets the REAL avenue towards being a pro-life voter. You know, half the time we’re told that we can’t vote our religion if we’re talking about abortion but then we’re told that if you really want to vote your religion you’ll vote to expand the government so do that.

Hey, what do I know, I’m no director of the Peace and Justice Commission.

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