A group of Fordham University students calling itself “SAGES” (which hilariously stands for “Students for Sex and Gender Equity and Safety” and therefore makes no sense), is demanding the Catholic university provide contraception.

Generation Fluke is saying their human rights are being denied.

Think Progress reports:

“We demand that the Fordham administration and Board of Trustees take action. Fordham’s outdated policies facilitate a sex-negative campus culture,” the petition, which has garnered about 200 signatures so far, reads. Students are asking the administration to provide free condoms in community spaces, free birth control and STD consultations in the health center, more resources for pregnant students, and more housing options for students who identify as transgender.

The SAGES coalition has been actively challenging Fordham’s birth control policy for the past several weeks, posting flyers around campus and handing out condoms at school events. At football games and homecoming activities this fall, they passed out condoms attached to a message reading, “Students deserve safety.” The student activists with SAGES have also partnered with the “Condom Fairy,” an anonymous sexual health proponent who distributes condoms around Fordham’s Lincoln Center campus.

“Student health and safety is non-negotiable,” one of the organizers with SAGES, senior Rachel Field, told USA Today earlier this month. “The desire to go to an institution of learning should not mean that you have to sacrifice your health to do so. The UN has stated that birth control is a human right… why are we being denied human rights at Fordham?”

They’re paying $50 thousand a year plus and the fact that they have to go off campus to Rite Aid is a human rights offense? C’mon.

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