Talk about shameless.

A Democratic Senate candidate in Nebraska, Dave Domina, is featuring a coma patient decked out in his campaign t-shirt in his latest ad.

Ick. (No surprise he’s double digits down in the polls.)

Hey, to me, this fits right in with the Democrat Party. They typically have the dead voting for them so it makes sense to now have coma patients in their ads.

The thing I don’t like about this is 1) It’s just creepy. But 2) This work he did for this family was his job as a lawyer. But he’s clearly taking credit for doing a good thing. But then he attempts to argue that his work for a Nazi is out of bounds because that was just his job. Sooooo…which is it?

Update: It would appear that the campaign realizes they laid an egg with this ad because they’ve disabled embedding for this commercial. Kinda’ funny in that any campaign in the world would hope and pray that their ads get played all over the internet.