Fr. Wilson Miscamble warned that unless the University of Notre Dame changes its path it could become “Catholic in Name Only” like Georgetown, according to Aleteia.

He urged those concerned about that to email Fr. John Jenkins, the university’s president, directly.

As has previously been reported here and at other sites Notre Dame has recently announced that it will extend insurance benefits to same-sex couples as well as complied with the HHS contraceptive mandate even while attempting to sue over it.

He contrasted the school with more orthodox Catholic universities such as the University of Dallas or Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio and compared it to Boston College and Fordham University. If the school continues to travel its secularist path, he warned, Notre Dame will become a “Catholic in name only” school such as Georgetown.

“The false gods attract powerful attention to the unwary and to those who fail to appreciate what matters. But if a Catholic university bows down before them, it will assuredly lose its heart and its soul,” Miscamble said. “It will lose its core identity regardless of what structures are erected and maintained to hide this loss. This course cannot be allowed to prevail at Notre Dame. It can’t be a place where there is a kind of a Catholic veneer over a largely secularist project.”

There’s a lot of great things going on at Notre Dame. But many troubling indicators as well, many of them coming from the administration itself.

Pray for Notre Dame.