So there’s a painting in a Christian Church in Germany which appears to have Adolf Hitler standing right next to Jesus. Now, my first thought was that the picture should be tossed. And a whole lot of people are saying that. But a former pastor there has a different take.

The Daily Mail reports:

Evangelical pastor Martin Goelkel, who recently left after eight years at the church some call the ‘Nazi Temple,’ believes the likeness is just co-incidental but its discovery so long after it was painted is causing a stir among his flock.

‘Some people have called this a Nazi place over the years but I don’t think this is true,’ he said.

‘It was designed and inaugurated in a severe time for Germany, no question, but if I interpret the pictures correctly they are now about the glorification of the powerful during this time.

‘On the contrary; the individual is made aware that his life belongs to Christ no matter how powerful he feels personally – there is another power over him, a stronger power.

‘This is no Hitler homage, in my eyes. We find people asking something of Christ, there is someone kneeling before him. God resists the proud, but the humble he gives his grace to.

‘Hitler, however, stands imperiously at the side, alone, wearing boots, his robe somehow militaristic. Haughty and arrogant.

‘He looks like a rabbit before slaughter. He is a man on the edge, an outsider.’

So here’s the picture. You be the judge. I’ve got to tell you, I think the pastor might be right. I’m still not sure the picture should be up in a Church though. It might be a bit of a distraction, especially in Germany.

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