My concern is not that atheists can’t be good people. My concern is that I’ve never met an atheist who doesn’t think they’re a good person.

Because here’s the thing, how do they define “good?” That’s a part that always troubles me. Without God, how do you define “good?” If we’re just a bunch of accidental life forms on a meaningless rock, how could you possibly define the term “good person?”

For many atheists, good is just what they are. Their code of conduct is whatever they deem it to be. It just means they’re good at being whoever they are. So they hit their “good person” mark 100 percent of the time. They can’t miss.

I think, however, many atheists accept some tenets of Christianity without believing in God but don’t really like some other rules so don’t follow them. So, according to their own rules, they’re good people because they follow the rules they wish to follow.