Say goodbye to girls athletic teams. Because that’s what the real effect could be.

The Federalist

Minnesotans are currently facing a fast and furious onslaught by the transgender lobby, which seems to be dictating policy to the Minnesota State High School League. The MSHSL decides policy for all extracurricular activities in public, private, religious, and home schools. It’s currently in the process of outlawing all sex distinctions in high-school sports. On December 4, it plans to install an athletic policy granting transgender students the choice to play on either boys’ or girls’ teams.

In this scheme, there would be no accounting for sex differences in high school sports on the field or in locker rooms, bathrooms, and hotel rooms. It forbids any camaraderie rooted in the biological reality of one’s sex, or any consideration of the reality of the opposite sex. In fact, to affirm that reality would basically be a crime. So the policy would ultimately abolish girls’ and boys’ sports alike.

I honestly believe that the efforts to eradicate gender is one of the most corrosive forces in society today.

Remember poor Larry Summers at Harvard who got bounced for suggesting that maybe the reason there were more men in scientific fields is that men are statistically more adept at them. I’m not arguing that he’s right because I have no idea. But he was excoriated for mentioning the possibility.

The argument that gender isn’t real and that it’s a societal construct isn’t even an argument. It’s a declaration of stupidity. Those who say it are vowing to not let reality infringe upon what their philosophy professor said.

And if you have concerns about a male student showering at school after soccer practice right next to your daughter that just shows how ugly and backward you are. The only good news is that Catholic schools may just seem like sane alternatives to the madness going on in public schools.

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