This story from Fox News is about a wonderful event. But there’s something missing from the story. Namely the religious angle which, I’m betting, is the heart of the story.

Two women from Poland who had not seen each other in nearly 70 years had a special Thanksgiving reunion in New York, where they remembered how one saved the other from Nazi persecution during World War II.

Mira Wexler, who is Jewish, recalled how German soldiers surrounded the farmhouse that served as her hiding spot when she was 6 years old.

The farmhouse belonged to the family of Helena Weglowski, who ignored the risk to hide Mira, her mother and her brother from the Holocaust.

“My parents had huge hearts and they decided to rescue everybody who it was possible to,” Weglowski told MyFox New York through an interpreter.

Wexler, 76, and Weglowski, 85, tearfully embraced when they saw each other for the first time since 1945 at JFK Airport the day before Thanksgiving. The New York-based Jewish Foundation for the Righteous arranged the reunion. The group supports Weglowski financially because of her family’s good deed saving Jews from the Nazis.

Weglowski risked her life to bring food to her little friend’s hideout.

Wexler told the New York Post how she survived the horrors of the war.

“I’d hide myself and my mother in the woods and in the nights, when we could, we’d always go to Helena’s home to have coats and food,” she said.

After the war, Wexler fled to Brazil. Weglowski left the farm but still lives in Poland.

But why did Weglowski put her own life in peril for this girl? Doesn’t this story scream religion but for some reason was completely ignored?

The NY Daily News headline seems to have understood the story as its headline read:

Jewish woman, Polish Catholic savior reunite in New York after 7 decades

The NY Post also mentioned the religious angle as well. So why take it out when it seems to me to be at the heart of the story?

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