While abortion rates, according to the CDC, are dropping nationally, the number of abortions being performed on black and Hispanic babies in New York City is just plain horrifying – making up almost 78% of abortions.

It’s almost like minorities are being targeted or something.

CNS News:

The Abortion Surveillance report published by the CDC, for which the latest abortion numbers are for 2011, show there were 76,251 abortions in New York City that year.

For that total, 9,550 abortions were of white babies, which is 12.5% of the total; 35,188 babies were black (46.1% of total); 23,959 were Hispanic (31.4%); and another 7,554 “other” abortions, 9.9%, which includes Asians and Native Americans, as well as those babies not reported by race…

Blacks, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, make up 25.5% of the population of New York City, and Hispanics comprise 28.6% of the NYC population. Despite those population percentages, blacks make up 46.1% of the abortions, and Hispanics, 31.4%.

Ruth Vader Ginsburg would be proud.

Let me know when that embrace from liberals starts feeling like you’re being strangled.

The thing about those in favor of eugenics is they always seem to want more of themselves and less of you.