This is kinda’ fun and interesting. You don’t get a mini-debate on evolution very often on television very often, especially on ESPN. Well, it’s not really a debate, it’s more Bill Walton gently mocking a Christian sportscaster who says what he believes and even offers a book suggestion by Michael Behe as a counter.

The Discovery Institute describes it this way:

Here’s a charming and interesting interaction between sportscasters Bill Walton and Dave Pasch. Pasch is known as a forthright Christian and, we learn, a Darwin skeptic. In the course of a live telecast of a basketball game on ESPN, his colleague Bill Walton offers him a copy of the Origin of Species as a birthday present, remarking that “We want to make sure that you believe in evolution. “

Pasch politely accepts the book, puts it aside, and says “I don’t.” He goes on to offer to educate Walton about “irreducible complexity.”