This is a breakup letter. But it’s worse than that. This is a breakup letter by a junior high schooler who is trying to tell everyone in the hallway outside homeroom that the person they had liked a few days ago is just like kinda’ totally awful or something.

Some lib in The Inquisitr wrote:

Elected in 2013, Pope Francis has since shown us a very convincing image of a bold, refreshing deviant who has adamantly defied the church’s typically iron-fisted conservatism. His stance on LGBT, women’s rights, atheism, and evolution were so mind-blowingly revolutionary that many people saw him as the single greatest change the controversy-ridden Catholic church has seen in centuries.

People were so wrong.

Pope Francis, the first pope to hail outside Europe, was an instant fan favorite for being so evidently anti-poverty. They describe him as a pope for the poor, and he probably deserves the recognition. He’s often seen walking the less fancy streets of Rome, comforting those without shelter and food. He has lambasted corporations for being less sympathetic with the people’s plight, and he’s shown incredible concern for those less fortunate than others. With all these saintly deeds, it would have been unwise to doubt his dedication to the poor and the oppressed.

However, his recent visit to the Philippines has led many people to think that his pro-poor statements lack in actual substance and credibility. This is partly due to his recently open support for anti-poor policies such as the opposition to birth control.

The Philippine Catholic church, already staunchly opposed to birth control, got a pat on the head from Pope Francis during his trip to the country. Before a crowd of Filipino Catholics, the Pope reinforced a locally unwavering church attitude and issued a condemnation on modern birth control methods. NPR describes it as his “strongest defense yet” of the Catholic church’s opposition to birth control. Disappointingly, this comes shortly after historic promises that the Catholic church will once and for all ease up on its hardened objection to birth control and contraception.

Here’s the thing: If Pope Francis really is for the poor, he should be the first to see the overwhelming scientific connection between modern birth control and reduction in poverty. Unintended pregnancies occur the most in places where poverty is rife. Lack of knowledge and access to birth control methods are also a major problem in poverty-ridden areas. There is a crystal-clear connection between poverty and family planning that the Pope somehow refuses — or at least fails — to see.

Here’s the thing – you can care for the poor all you want but unless you’re ok with birth control and abortion, there’s no need to apply to being accepted by the liberal elites. If you don’t truck with death, you’re the enemy. It’s that simple.