The media once again largely ignored the March for Life which saw 200,000 plus people walking right down Constitution Avenue in Washington D.C.

According to Newsbusters, CBS is the only one to even mention the March and they did it in passing.

I’m just wondering if there’s 200,000 of anything other than pro-lifers which would warrant such little coverage.

Let’s start it with the easy ones:

200,000 global warming activists dressed as glaciers and staging a “melt-down.” (Definitely coverage. Adoring too.)
200,000 people celebrating “Dress and Act Like Al Sharpton Day” by lying, screaming unintelligibly, and shaking people down for cash. (Yup.)
200,000 people for lifting the ban on killing praying mantises. (OK, I would watch that one too.)
200,000 people who support killing old people (or as well refer to them -Obamacare supporters) (Oh yeah.)
200,000 topless women protesters who nobody actually wants to see topless ranting about the pope or some patriarchal symbol. (Mass coverage and probably a reality show on Bravo.)

I honestly am sitting here thinking if there’s any group of 200,000 people that would be completely ignored by the media. I mean, even if the NRA did it, the media would cover it just because they’d probably think it was a redneck invasion. There’s literally no other group that I can think of which would be completely ignored year after year.

The media is always saying we’re a divided nation but I’m telling you that when I looked around the March I saw college groups next to groups of senior citizens. I saw African-Americans, whites, Asian, Hispanics all walking together in prayer and song. This was a picture of America coming together in support of the most basic right of all- life. It was truly beautiful and says something very good about our country.

Oh. That’s probably why they didn’t cover it.