Here’s some good news. Planned Parenthood is hatin’ on a Jesuit University. I must admit I’m happy to see it. Hey, when Planned Parenthood is mad at you, you’re doing something right.

The Cardinal Newman Society reports:

Planned Parenthood is attacking the University of Scranton following its announcement that—in line with the Jesuit university’s Catholic identity—faculty and staff health care would no longer include coverage for abortion in cases of rape, incest, and for the mother’s life, according to the Times Leader.

Employees of the University have a responsibility to “behave consistently with the Church’s moral teaching on abortion” as “stewards of the University and its Catholic and Jesuit mission,” said President Father Kevin Quinn, S.J., in his letter to faculty and staff when he announced the changes.

However, Planned Parenthood Keystone meted out a prompt response, claiming that the move conveyed “a cruel indifference” to the University’s female faculty, and accused the University of lacking compassion for women, the Times Leader reported.

Fr. Quinn, in a second statement, assured that University insurance “would continue to cover medical procedures that are intended to preserve the life of the mother so long as these procedures are not a direct abortion.” He also stressed that the University would continue to cover any physical or psychological treatment for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

I love how the university’s decision is being called “controversial” in the news. No. The controversy is that they were covering abortion in the first place. Now, they’re rectifying a terrible wrong.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for other Jesuit universities to follow suit. You could get hurt.

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