This is an interesting case in that it highlights a potential huge problem in this country, given the advance of the case for the legality of assisted suicide. In the beginning, they say it’s just for terminally ill people. But then it becomes a quality of life issue. And then you’ve got people buying assisted suicide kits for people who are suffering depression.

In this case, a teenager actively encouraged her classmate to follow through on his suicide. It’s pretty awful what she did. I’m not sure of the legalities of it but I will say it’s morally abominable what she did.


A Massachusetts teenager is facing an involuntary manslaughter charge nearly eight months after her fellow high school classmate committed suicide.

Police say, 18-year-old Conrad Roy committed suicide last July.

And now investigators believe 18-year-old Michelle Carter influenced Roy to go through with it.

The teen’s body was found inside his car behind a Kmart in Fairhaven. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officials say, their investigation found text messages between the two teens. One showed Carter told Roy to “get back in” his vehicle when he became scared.

Roy’s grandmother, Janice Roy, believes his death could have been prevented. She said, “He was in a fragile state, yes. But I think he could have been manipulated not to.”

Carter is expected in court for a pre-trial hearing in mid-April.

Isn’t Charles Manson in jail for convincing some people to kill others? I understand that’s a bit different from convincing someone to kill themselves but it’s also similar enough to think a bit about it, isn’t it?