Well, this says it all, doesn’t it?

An abortionist told Princeton University students that “We have to get over the love affair with fetuses.”

I love how abortionists try to take the moral high ground and actually feign offense at those who would protect the unborn from the check grabbing abortion industry.

Here’s the deal, we’ll give up our love affair with “fetuses” when your love of money doesn’t obfuscate your morality altogether. I’ll be honest, I’d rather be accused of loving a human being than money. Maybe it’s just me.

Campus Reform:

In an hour long talk to Princeton University students, abortion doctor Willie Parker admitted to being willing to give abortions at 27 weeks during a lecture on reproductive justice to the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Parker is one of two doctors who travels to Mississippi to perform abortions at the state’s sole remaining abortion clinic. He compared himself to Star Trek and overcoming the final frontier – providing abortion care.

Part of being on the front line, according to Parker, involves recognizing the need and continuing the message hoping people will pick up and join the mission, much like the fight against Ebola.

The lecture, “Going to Mississippi: If I Don’t, Who Will? The Pursuit of Reproductive Justice,” was open to the public. Roughly half of the audience consisted of students, according to Princeton University student Brandon Joa.

The event was publicized on the university website, the WWS’s Twitter account, in emails sent to students, on posters, and in the campus newspaper. Posters said that Parker was on “the pursuit of reproductive justice” and praised him for his “leadership and courage.”

During his lecture, Parker claimed he went to Mississippi to help women gain accessibility to abortion. Parker stated that liberalizing abortion is safeguarding a woman’s right to choose how to live her life.

Parker attacked opposing viewpoints claiming they inaccurately frame abortion as something it is not.

“We have to get over the love affair with fetuses and love women and children,” Parker told Princeton students.

Typical that an ivy league university would host this animal.