But…but…but…the Crusades.

CNS News:

Pope Francis appealed Sunday for an end to the persecution of Christians around the world, voicing “much pain” at the news of twin suicide bombings targeting churches in Pakistan and suggesting that the world plays down the fact that Christians are being targeted.

“These are Christian churches: Christians are being persecuted,” he told a crowd gathered in St Peter’s Square. “Our brothers shed blood only because they are Christians.”

“As I assure you of my prayers for the victims and their families, I ask the Lord, I beseech the Lord, source of all goodness, for the gift of peace and harmony for that country,” he continued, “and that this persecution against Christians, which the world tries to hide, might end, and that there may be peace.”

Someone tell the pope to get off his high horse.

Our cultural elites simply cannot fathom a storyline in which the Christians are not the oppressive bad guys. So they ignore the mass killings, kidnappings, and brutal oppression of Christians because it doesn’t fit their understanding of the universe in which all Christians are closet KKK fascists.

*subhead*Does not compute.*subhead*