It’s odd how little you hear about these kinds of debates anywhere except places like TMZ and only then because it involves a celebrity like Sofia Vergara. In truth, however, these debates are among the most important going on in our culture and they’re happening frequently.

The former fiancé of Sofia Vergara’s is requesting possession of two embryos they conceived who were frozen, presumably to give birth to at a later date. He referred to the two embryos as “our girls.”

Fox reports:

Businessman Nick Loeb wrote Wednesday on that he has sued the “Modern Family” star for the embryos because he longs to become a parent and doesn’t want the “two lives” they created to “be destroyed or sit in a freezer until the end of time.”

He said he “push(ed) for children” after he and Vergara got engaged in 2012, and said the couple agreed the following year to try in vitro fertilization and a surrogate to have children. Loeb wrote that they signed a form stating that any embryos they created could only be brought to term if both of them agreed. He said the form didn’t specifically say, as California law requires, what would happen to the embryos if they separated.

He is seeking to have the document voided. He and Vergara split in 2014. She is now dating actor Joe Manganiello.

Loeb said Vergara’s lawyer has told reporters that she wants to keep the embryos frozen indefinitely. Attorney Fred Silberberg declined to make additional comments Thursday.

At the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, “Hot Pursuit,” on Thursday night, Vergara was asked if she had anything to say about Loeb’s article. “No,” she replied and then walked off. A publicist for Vergara did not respond to earlier requests for comment.

What can be said?

Life is something you create on a whim and discard just as easily. That’s what our “progressive” reproductive rights brings us. Nobody’s life is sacred.