Fordham professor Charles Camosy, in a piece for The Atlantic about the 20 week abortion ban, blamed the lack of pro-life Democrats on pro-lifers. Not on the Democrats themselves.

As recently as 2009 a full quarter of the Democrat caucus was pro-life. So what happened to all these pro-life Democrats? The GOP singled them out for defeat in the 2010 midterms and, using the money and ground-game of pro-life groups, devastated their ranks. Given the disappointing record of the GOP in enacting even moderate pro-life legislation, it is difficult to see how such groups could be happy with their investment.

The piece online links to an article by the radical left wing rag Mother Jones which excoriates the Susan B. Anthony List for going after pro-life Democrats.

Now, Camosy doesn’t go into the fact that these Democrats weren’t actually pro-life in any meaningful sense as they voted for Obamacare and sometimes against life on other issues.

Look, I agree with him that many in the GOP would rather have the issue of abortion to keep the base in line than actually do anything about it. But the same dubious eye must be given to those Democrats who claim to be pro-life.

The reason there are hardly any pro-life Democrats is that there aren’t many pro-life Democrats.