If news reports are to be believed, the Irish, by a large majority, will say yes to gay marriage.

Early tallies from ballot boxes are suggesting a ‘Yes’ campaign majority in the same-sex marriage referendum in the Republic of Ireland.

With 12 per cent of boxes tallied in the Dublin North Central constituency, 70 per cent had voted ‘Yes’, with only 30 per cent voting ‘No’.

Twitter users are using the hashtag #tallytweets to broadcast their vote tally count sheets, giving an initial picture of the referendum result, which appears to be giving a strong victory to the ‘yes; campaign.

Certainly, a Catholic country that invokes the Trinity in their constitution voting in favor of gay marriage while their Bishops mostly sat on the sidelines if they weren’t making the pilgrimage to Gomorrah themselves sends a message to the world.  But it also sends a message to God.

That message, as seen from space, is a big circle with an X on it right over Ireland that says “Send Meteor Here”

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