Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal just stood up big time for religious liberty. After his legislature wimped out and shuttled religious freedom legislation, Jindal passed an executive order doing what the legislature should’ve done.

This, of course, has the torches and pitchforks crowd gathering said materials. I’m sure they’re calling him a Nazi Neanderthal and other nice things but I’m not about to go looking on lefty sites for actual quotes. Just trust me, they’re there and they’re hateful. Bank on it.

Look, they bully because it works. We just saw Governor Mike Pence of Indiana fold like a cheap suit when the bully brigade came after him. Indiana passed a bill in order to protect Christian business owners from getting sued and fined for refusing to take part in a same sex wedding ceremony. Then when the totalitolerance crowd screamed, he pretended like he didn’t mean that at all and reversed course entirely.

So Jindal, while clearly throwing some shade at Pence, makes it clear that no matter what, he will stand for religious liberty. He said:

“Don’t waste your breath trying to bully me in Louisiana,” he said. “It is absolutely constitutional to have religious liberty and economic freedoms.”

It’s a big move from Jindal. And it has the extra advantage of being the right one.

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