I don’t get this at all. Clint Eastwood spoke in honor of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and made a reference to Bruce Jenner that’s not actually offensive at all but somehow has provoked an uproar that will be edited out when shown on television.

Yahoo reports:

According to USA Today, the joke — which Spike TV has said they will cut when the awards show airs — was made when Eastwood was introducing San Andreas star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

According to reports, Eastwood introduced Johnson by comparing him to other famous athletes, such as “”Jim Brown and Caitlyn Somebody…”

Spike TV Senior Vice President of Communications David Schwartz told USA Today that the network will remove Eastwood’s comment in the version of the show that will air on June 18.

What? Look, the controversial thing about Bruce Jenner is that you have to call him “Caitlyn” now. That’s the goal. We’re all supposed to pretend that Bruce Jenner is a woman even though he’s not. But we all must pretend to believe it or be shunned.

Clint did that. He called Jenner “Caitlyn.” The part that he pretended to forget was the “Jenner” part. I think it’s a sly dig at how well publicized Jenner is right now. It’s not against Jenner at all. But you see, any mention of Jenner in non-sycophantic and adoring terms is verboten.

Welcome to the 21st century.