This makes sense. The boy had to do without his parents for an hour and a half. The government found this so egregious that they removed the child and arrested the parents. I’m sure everything’s better now.

Fox News Insider reports:

Two Florida parents were hit with felony neglect charges after their 11-year-old son was reportedly playing alone in the backyard for an hour and a half.

According to his mother, the boy arrived home before his parents and was locked out of the house, so he shot some hoops in the yard until they arrived.

A neighbor saw the child outside alone and called the local police. When his mother and father arrived home, they were met by a police officer, who arrested them for child negligence.

Robert Bianchi and Steve Raiser joined Clayton Morris on “Fox and Friends Weekend” to debate whether these charges are excessive.

“He didn’t know where his parents were. He was locked out of his house. And he didn’t have access to emergency services, shelter, food, things like that,” Bianchi said.

Raiser countered that there was no danger from the neglect and felony charges may actually cause more damage in this case.

“What is important is in Florida there is no minimum age where a child cannot be left alone at home,” Raiser said. “Where is the greater harm? In this government overreach, where they come in and kind of steamroll this family and try to address some sort of neglect charge, they created the harm, because they removed the 11-year-old child from home, along with his four-year-old brother, for a month, in and out of foster care.”

“This is a typical example of when government goes too far and actually creates a worse situation than before.”

This is a bit crazy. When I was a kid all sorts of kids got locked out every once in a while. Things happen. Parents run a little late sometimes.

This kid went into the backyard and shot hoops for an hour and a half. Ohmygosh! Scarred for life!!!

Nanny state malarkey is what this is.

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