I’m really enjoying the how on TNT on “The Last Ship.” This is the least “Hollywood” show you’ll ever see. You’ll never guess what happened last week.

Spoiler Alert: The crew of the USS Nathan James had to save a pregnant female crew member from having a forced abortion from a liberal fascist government. You see, they wanted to cut the baby out of her to get the stem cells for a possible cure to a deadly disease that’s ravaged most of the globe.

We even got the ultrasound picture with the suspense of the needle coming at her womb before the mom got secretly cut loose from a female nurse and killed her would-be abortionist. Then the good guys showed up and took out the abortion crew other than the nurse who helped the Mom.

And, of course, of the main stars of the show is the great Adam Baldwin. And he’s worth watching all the time.

*subhead*Good show.*subhead*