The extremely pro-abortion website, Rh Reality Check, hilariously wonders why New Jersey didn’t close down a corrupt abortion provider sooner.

New Jersey last month moved to suspend the medical license of Dr. Vikram H. Kaji, a business partner of criminal abortion provider Steven C. Brigham.

In addition to his affiliation with Brigham—whose botched and illegal abortions in at least six states over more than two decades have left women maimed and at grave risk of death—Kaji himself has had a career blighted by serious misconduct.

His medical license was suspended in 1993 after admitting to allegations that he had sexually abused patients in Pennsylvania, and in 2013, New Jersey regulators knew that Kaji had a “cognitive impairment” that required him to keep detailed written notes of all patient encounters, and to avoid any complex medical treatment.

Now, New Jersey’s attorney general wants to suspend or revoke his medical license again, to permanently ban him from acting as a medical director at any of the Brigham-affiliated clinics in New Jersey, and to impose other penalties on him.

While the latest move is welcomed as a step toward protecting women in the states in which Brigham’s clinics have operated, the question remains as to why it took regulators so long to act given the extensive warnings about Brigham’s continued involvement in his chain of abortion clinics.

Hmmm. I don’t know. Maybe because anytime a politician does anything at all to regulate abortion clinics or abortionists in any way whatsoever they’re called Neanderthals or taking part in the “war on women.”

So, you see, pro-aborts create an environment where any restriction on abortion is attacked vociferously and then wonder why government doesn’t regulate abortionists more closely.

Must be nice to live in a consequenceless world.

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