The undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress is nothing short of a disaster for Planned Parenthood and the pro-death culture. Anyone who views it can not help but be disgusted by the abortion giant’s top doctor munching on salad and wine while cavalierly explaining how she crushes children to maximize the profit from selling them for parts. It’s horrifying.

It’s also interesting how “potential humans” seem to have actually human organs, isn’t it?

So Planned Parenthood is in trouble so therefore cue the media lifeline. Now, I’d have to imagine that the first instinct from the subjective media was simply to ignore the video much as they do with most undercover videos which show abortionists up to no good. But in this case Bobby Jindal, a governor and possible presidential candidate, announced that he was launching an investigation into Planned Parenthood due to the video. And other GOP presidential hopefuls talked about the video as well so ignoring it wasn’t really an option anymore. So what to do? Focus on the politics of it.

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