CNN’s Chris Cuomo wants you to know he’s both a blowhard and an idiot. Succeeds spectacularly!!!

This is painful but Senator Marco Rubio, I think, handles it well. Cuomo, a Catholic, is downright strange. The way Cuomo keeps referring to “leader of the future” is so bizarre. Cuomo clearly believes that the “leader of the future” can not be a Christian.

He also keeps saying that science has not decided when human life begins. Rubio is, of course, stunned by this because, of course, the science is settled on this topic. Life begins at conception.

Definitely worth watching. The debate begins about Rubio supporting a bill that contained the rape and incest exception. But, he maintains, that is not his standard. He compared it to supporting a 20 week abortion ban. He said that doesn’t mean he supports abortion at 19 weeks. Seems like a fair argument to me but Cuomo seems lost by it. Completely lost.

And the debate widens from there.