I don’t. I think when you go to the Pearly Gates, you’re going to be asked about how you used your talents to spread love and the message of Christ, not whether you voted for more government programs.

I’m starting to think Kasich doesn’t want to be president. Wait, scratch that. Maybe he’s the smart one here. Look at the last two nominees – McCain and Romney. Maybe he thinks that the GOP voters will return to form and, in the end, will nominate a squish. We’ll see.

But I can’t stand the condescension of saying that he introduces opponents of big government to two books, one old and one new. Uhm, you mean the same big government that’s funding abortion right now? You mean the same big government that’s forcing Christian business owners to take part in gay weddings? You mean the same big government that’s wasting billions and billions while the poor grow increasingly poor? And how is that in line with Christianity?

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