The Archbishop is being accused of heresy, it would seem. The torches and pitchforks are out. No dissent from liberal orthodoxy is allowed.

Reports are indicating that Archbishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², the papal envoy to the United States, may have arranged the pope’s meeting with Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who refused to issue gay marriage licenses.


Faithful America, a Christian group that organizes social justice actions online, created a petition calling for ViganĂ² to resign from his position as Vatican ambassador to the U.S.

“Inviting Kim Davis to a reception with Pope Francis undermined the pope’s message to the United States and was a mean-spirited insult to the Kentucky couples whose marriage licenses she has tried to deny,” the organization’s petition reads. “For the good of the church, please resign immediately and allow Pope Francis to appoint a new apostolic nuncio.”

The petition had collected more than 34,000 signatures by Tuesday afternoon.

These people really don’t like Kim Davis. It’s not only that she’s a Christian. She also looks like a hick. She’s not one of the elite. And many of these people want to love Pope Francis and see him as a liberal champion so a meeting between these two cannot be the pope’s doing even though he’s made his position on religious liberty very clear. So others must be punished.

These are the folks who complain that Davis is attempting to impose her religious beliefs on others. Thank goodness these folks would never do something like that.

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