The Jamestown Sun reports that America is officially anti-Christian. No, that’s not what they reported. It’s just ACTUALLY what they reported.

FARGO — Attorneys for Shanley High School say the private Catholic school here has the constitutional right to announce a prayer over its speaker system before the football team’s playoff game today, and have requested that the high school sports governing body suspend its ban on prayer to allow this.

Lawyers with the Thomas More Society sent their letter to the North Dakota High School Activities Association to the press on Friday morning.

“Shanley is not a governmental actor. It is a private school, with a religious identity,” the letter stated. “When it hosts sports events, it does so as a private actor, and its religious expression cannot legitimately be characterized as that of the state.

“Based on our preliminary review, this prohibition is a violation of the Free Speech and Free Religious Exercise rights of the school, as a private and religious entity.”

The request follows a flap earlier this week when a Facebook photo of St. Mary’s and Kindred high school football teams praying together went viral. The post stated the activities association “said no public prayers before the game.”

Association leaders say that’s been the case during playoff season for 15 years. Although private schools are allowed to broadcast prayers before regular-season home games, playoff games are technically hosted by the association, which is public.

“It’s played at their facility, but it is a postseason game,” assistant association director Justin Fletschock said of today’s matchup between Shanley and Central Cass. “The postseason contests are controlled by high school activities association.”

To be clear, this playoff game is being held at a Catholic high school. The Catholic school is hosting an event and somehow loses its right to free speech because their rights are subservient to the rights of people not to have their feelings hurt.

And to make the stupidity even more complete, there’s a big giant cross in the middle of the field. But no prayer allowed. Because someone’s feelings might be hurt.