I see what’s going on at colleges nowadays and it’s just ridiculous. The absurd administrative bloat, the radical academics, the softened curriculum, and mostly the crybaby kids. I was going to write how this is our kids’ time to take over the world.

America’s future looks weak. They demand “safe spaces” where they’re not allowed to hear anything they disagree with? Gimme’ a break. America is raising a generation of entitled morons. So in one way I’m kinda’ glad because my kids will cut through that garbage like butter. My kids are not being raised this way. They will outperform these little crybabies. They will rise to the top. Hooray, right? But here’s the thing -what will they rise to the top of?

I’ve long said America is (probably) doomed. I honestly believe the country is in a death spiral that there’s no coming out of it short of a mass conversion. I tell my kids America’s about to get a lot worse.

I believe the country’s demise became a near lock when the liberals gained almost exclusive control of both the media and the education system. They control the information for both adults and children. Game over. I think the internet has helped some but it doesn’t compare with the power of the mainstream media.

There are a few things we can do, however. I believe the best thing we can do is to live as loud Catholics. Let everyone know you’re a Catholic and loving it. Don’t back down. Don’t ever back down.

Another major thing that we could do to help the country is to stop sending our kids to liberal colleges -which is the vast majority of them.

Dennis Prager tweeted:

We’re shelling out our life savings so that our kids can turn on us. What are we thinking? Stop it? And please don’t think that by sending your child to a Catholic college you’re going to do any better. You’re not. I worked for The Cardinal Newman Society for many years and saw the campus craziness up close and personal. Colleges like Fordham, Georgetown, and Fairfield do great damage to young people as do many other Catholic colleges. (Check out the Newman Guide to see a list of actual Catholic colleges. Mind you, the list is not very long.)

The college system is literally destroying our youth and our country.

Andrew McCarthy of National Review writes:

So let’s stop paying for it. Let them have the “safe space.” Let them figure out how to keep the “spaces of healing” without the support of the society they want to destroy – once they’ve squeezed the last thin dime out of it.

The university is a terrible deal for the country and for too many students. It is no longer a center of learning and the promotion of reason. It is a cauldron of hard Left indoctrination and victim narratives where reason no longer has a home. I believe in free expression, so I don’t favor the coercive shutdown of such places (in the way that they would favor shutting down, say, National Review). But I don’t believe we should pay for them or pretend that they are something they are not.

What I am saying is not controversial for anyone who believes deeply in education. As the invaluable Glenn Harlan Reynolds has been pointing out for years (see, e.g., The New School and The Education Apocalypse), there are viable, economical alternatives to the nigh-obsolete four-year campus model of higher education. Whatever worthwhile remains at today’s colleges, these alternatives – especially online education – can provide it better and much cheaper.

Shifting from the campus to the Internet can eliminate the universities’ administrative bloat – the billions of public dollars progressive politicians sluice through the system to underwrite hard Left thought police in sinecures ostensibly devoted to “diversity,” speech regulation, campus “community responders,” etc. It can give parents and students more choice and more excellence since online education would weed out lots of the mediocrity – and worse – that dominate the campus.

And the pressure of competition would dramatically improve whichever of today’s schools survived the transition. As Professor Reynolds explained yesterday at his Instapundit blog on PJ Media, the transition is already happening. Mizzou’s football squad apparently thinks threatening to boycott a game is better publicity than losing the game (as they’ve been doing regularly this year). But the real story is that more students today take at least one course online than attend a college with a varsity football team. There are more undergrads taking at least one online class than the combined number of graduate students in Masters and PhD. programs. It is past time to accelerate the transition. The best way is to stop paying for our own destruction.

Let’s all take a second and think about what we’re doing here.