Being a man of strong ethics, Dr. Ben Carson eschewed the dirty politics of Ted Cruz, but endorsed Donald Trump precisely because he is a liar.

I’m not kidding.

Please remember, Dr. Carson essentially became a political enemy of Ted Cruz by accusing him of “lies and dirty tricks” after Cruz’s campaign manager retweeted a CNN story.

But, Carson, whom I’ve always respected, just announced that he’s supporting Donald Trump because Trump’s a liar. Mind you, he’s referring to Trump lying to the American people as a feature, not a bug.

The Hill:

“I needed to know that he could listen to other people, that he could change his opinions, and that some of the more outlandish things that he’s said, that he didn’t really believe those things,” Carson said.

When asked which statements Trump might back away from, Carson demurred.

“I’ll let him talk about that because I don’t think it’s fair for me to relay a private conversation,” he said.

I love how, in this wacky political season, one politician calls another politician a liar. And he’s complimenting him.

The news here is not that Trump is a liar. That’s a given. It’s just news to me that Ben Carson is ok with it.