So we’re all supposed to believe there’s a rape epidemic on college campuses. OK. And the Obama administration has said they’re putting this issue on the front burner even though you’re not allowed to talk about binge drinking and co-ed dorms as being part of the problem.

But now get this from the CS Monitor:

The U.S. Department of Education urged colleges and universities on Monday to remove obstacles that can keep the 70 million Americans with criminal records from seeking higher education.

The call coincided with the department’s release of guidelines that encourage schools to look for alternatives to asking about criminal histories during admissions and to take a more overall view of applicants’ applications.

So if someone is a felon and served time for rape, the college shouldn’t ask them about it. Don’t ask/don’t tell for felons.

So the Obama administration says it’s concerned about the so called rape epidemic on campus. But the administration recently urged colleges not to ask or inquire about an applicants criminal history because they’d like to see more felons in college. Explain that to me. Please.

*subhead*Wait, what?*subhead*