I love how The Hill reports that Hillary couldn’t figure out how to talk on a secured line and gave up and told the people just to call her home number. The Hill says:

But the episode is likely to cause concern among critics of Clinton, who have previously accused her of resorting to unsecure forms of communication out of convenience, potentially jeopardizing sensitive information. Another email of Clinton’s, released in January, appeared to show her telling a top aide to remove identifying details and send a sensitive document through a “nonsecure” channel instead of via “secure fax.”

Shouldn’t this cause concern among Hillary supporters too?

Actually, they’re right. Many Democrats aren’t concerned with Hillary completely ignoring national security in favor of her political career. It’s because she’s part of their team.

We’ve become a nation of gangs. Our gang can do anything because they’re part of our gang. We’re not a nation of laws anymore. It’s absolutely ludicrous that Hillary is going to escape unindicted from this whole mess. But it’s because her gang is in power right now. It’s all rather depressing. Makes me wonder what our country is doing wrong in that we’re not creating people of courage anymore. Think about it, not one prominent Democrat has stood up and said the fact that Hillary risked national security for her selfish desire, disqualifies her from the presidency. There’s no #NeverHillary. And there really should be.