We’re coming to a point here when a decision needs to be made. Do women who fought hard for equality in athletics give it up for so-called “transgender rights?”

Here’s the thing. If we’re going to have it that any man can say he’s a woman then they should have available to them any athletic scholarships available to any actual woman. As men are typically stronger and faster, so-called “trans-gender” men pretending to be girls could dominate and earn scholarships that would have gone to an actual woman.

As a father of four actual girls this concerns me greatly. Now, you might say, “Oh what guy is going to say they’re a woman just to get a scholarship?”

Uhm, have you seen the cost of college nowadays. At about 50 to $60,000 per year you could be talking about $240,000. Anyone who’s seen reality television can vouch for the fact that people have done some pretty crazy things for less money.

Currently, the NCAA demands one year of testosterone suppression treatment for men attempting to join female teams. They must also be taking hormone treatments. (Ironic note, the NCAA is demanding that states allow men to use women’s bathrooms just because they say they “identify” as women but when it comes to their sports, it’s a different standard. Women’s safety is secondary to sports teams?)

So right now there hasn’t been cases of fraud because most men don’t want to take testosterone suppression and hormone treatments. But
if the NCAA follows through on its logic, then the simple fact that someone identifies as a woman should be enough and that could spell the end of women’s athletics.

So then it’ll be up to the so-called women’s rights advocates to decide if they really care that much about women’s equality or the LGBTQ agenda. It’ll be interesting to see. I’ll buy the popcorn.

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