Remember when George W. Bush attempted to get the media to call “suicide bombers” “homicide bombers.” I didn’t like that for the reason that the term “suicide bomber” just relayed more information. The bomb part indicates homicide and the suicide part indicates the method of bombing. It’s just a clearer statement.

In the same vein, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama labeling what happened in Orlando as an “act of hate” doesn’t really get to the heart of the issue. Calling it an “act of terror” conveys what occurred in that Orlando nightclub rather more pointedly, doesn’t it?

Yes, there is hate involved. There’s no denying that. But explaining that it’s an act of terror from an Islamic radical really explains what happened a bit better. More completely.


She (Clinton) also called it an “act of hate” — a term Obama also used — since the attacker targeted an LGBT nightclub during Pride Month. And she said the country needs to “keep guns like the ones used last night out of the hands of terrorists or other violent criminals.”

Clinton did not reference radical Islam.

This careful and intentional half-labeling is madness. Why are they doing it? It’s because Obama and Clinton don’t want to admit that it’s terrorism from radical Islamists. Not on American soil!!! Not during this administration!!!

Remember the “workplace violence” at Fort Hood?

You know, this is kind of a side note but I think it’s important. Christians are constantly referred to as “anti-gay.” Yet, in this predominantly Christian country, this so-called gay nightclub was filled with people dancing the night away. A radical Islamist committed this act of terrorism. Yet somehow, our cultural elite side with Islam at every turn -especially when Islamists are killing Christians. Makes one wonder if many on the left aren’t actually pro-gay as they call themselves but just anti-Christian.