In the wake of the killing of 49 people in an Orlando nightclub, CNN’s Anderson Cooper decides to rake a Republican over the coals over gay marriage. And the media are applauding this idiocy.

Let’s be absolutely clear. This terrible tragedy in Orlando has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with gay marriage. Sorry Anderson.

Mollie Hemingway’s tweet nailed it.

So Florida’s Attorney General, in response to the terrible murders, comes out and promises prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law in case something like this happens again. But Cooper is not having it. You see, Florida’s attorney general argued in court against gay marriage so now she’s not allowed to say that killing gays is bad.

God grant me the serenity to have patience with legislators who continue to be caught off guard by idiot journalists.

AG Pam Bondi is clearly uncomfortable with this line of questioning. Actually, it’s not even questioning. It’s just accusations. And Cooper just won’t let it go.

It’s actually pretty horrific to watch. Cooper just seems like a total tool while Bondi seems like a fly caught in a spider web. The lowest moment comes from Cooper though when he cattily says, “You never even tweeted about gay pride month.”

But in the end, here’s the thing. Anderson Cooper is politicizing the murders. That’s what he’s doing. He’d rather bitch about Republicans who didn’t support gay marriage than deal with the reality that Muslim fanatics want to kill gays, Jews, Christians and pretty much everyone else they can get near. That’s a little too much reality for Cooper, I guess. He’d rather talk about gay marriage and those mean ol’ Republicans.