We are no longer nation of laws but of gangs.

The FBI is recommending no charges against Hillary Clinton. We all knew it was coming. But it’s like hitting bottom. You fall and fall and you know the thud is coming but when you feel it, it still hurts.

It saddens me mostly because I truly believe that when government doesn’t care about the law, and when a populace feels that it’s voice isn’t heard you’re going to have violence.

Trump nation is not just a Trump thing. Trump is just the face. There are millions of people who have absolutely no faith in the system anymore. They believe it’s corrupt and elite and doesn’t give a hoot about them. But we’re expected to occupy ourselves with cable tv and fast food. We’re expected to say, “this handbasket ride sure is fun. I wonder where we’re heading?”

The thing is, many Americans are smarter than the elites think. They know where it’s going. And sooner or later they’re going to try by any means necessary to turn it around or get the heck out.

Dangerous times.