So a billboard advertising company has expressed their God given right to refuse to sell space for a huge “God’s Not Dead 2” poster near the RNC Convention for being tad too Christian, according to The Daily Caller.

“After much negotiation, the billboard company Orange Barrel Media has decided the message is too “incendiary.”

According to emails obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, the billboard company said it didn’t like the “judged by God” message because it was “too political” and “way too incendiary.”

The CEO of the movie’s distributor said he’s confused by the decision.

“I’m perplexed,” Steve Fedyski told the Reporter. “They dragged us along for weeks. Now, right up against the convention date, they say we aren’t approved, and they give us no logical rationale.” (

“My speculation is that someone, somewhere didn’t want our message out. It’s hard to understand, considering we’ve used the same marketing on CNN and other national networks. They picked the building and the size, and advertised that it was available. They gave us a budget and deadlines and we met all of it, then they put us on hold. We missed a primary promotional opportunity.”

Ironically, the DC points out that an atheist group will have a billboard nearby.

Who knows what happened here? But here’s the thing, the company has every right to say no. I just ask that companies owned by Christians should be able to say no to expressing messages on things like cakes.

Or do these rights things only go one way?