It’s no surprise to me that a Republican Governor, Gov. Bruce Rauner of Ilinois, signed a law that severely threatens health care professionals’ religious freedom and forces doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to be complicit in abortion even if they have religious objections.

The law, which goes into effect next year, requires medical staff to refer patients for abortions and let them know all abou the wonderful “benefits” of abortion.

It’s no surprise that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood supported it and that Illinois Right to Life is outraged about this assault on religious liberty.

But here’s what surprises me.

The State Journal Register reports:

The Illinois Catholic Health Association and Catholic Conference of Illinois took a neutral stand on the bill.

What? Anyone know why on Earth this would be true.

Religious liberties are being stripped at an alarming rate. The least we can do is fight it, right? I mean, c’mon.

Anyone know anything about this or why this would be?

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