So there was a car parked with its hazards on right next to the Cathedral and it was filled with gas canisters and had no license plates. It was empty of passengers but police detained three radicalized Muslim women, one of whom stabbed police.

Thank God it was either foiled or it fell apart because of stupidity. But it’s time to wake up Europe. Radicalized Muslims are coming for the Catholic Church. They are coming with swords. They’re coming with gas canisters and detonators. They will come with guns.


A French police officer was stabbed and a suspect shot as authorities detained three women Thursday in connection with a terrorism investigation into a car found Sunday near Notre Dame Cathedral that was loaded with cooking gas canisters.
The three women, one of whom was the car owner’s daughter, were taken into custody in the southern Paris suburb of Boussy-Saint-Antoine, authorities said. One stabbed a police officer before being shot and severely wounded, according to a police officer familiar with the investigation.

“These young women, ages 39, 23 and 19, were radicalized and fanatical,” Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said. “They were likely preparing new violent and imminent actions.”

France is on high alert after a spate of terror attacks that have killed more than 200 people over the past year.
On Sunday, police discovered the car with its hazard lights blinking. The vehicle, which didn’t have a license plate, was parked in the shadow of the famous cathedral near police headquarters.

One gas canister was found on the front seat while six others were recovered from the car’s trunk, authorities said, adding that no detonator was found. Three bottles of gasoline were also found in the trunk.

The discovery set off a nationwide manhunt for suspects.

French police first detained the car’s owner near Paris, but he was released after leading investigators to his daughter. Police then detained a couple near Orange in southern France and a second couple near Orleans, 100 miles south of Paris.
The women detained Thursday evening “were possibly planning to blow up the car, and something went wrong so they abandoned it after removing the plates,” the police officer said.

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