An eleven year old boy who was adopted learned that his biological father just died. He discovered that his biological father was buried in Chicago without a gravestone. So the young boy went to work all summer mowing lawns in order to raise enough money to purchase a gravestone.


Brandon Bakke was adopted at birth and recently started asking his adopted family about his birth parents.

It turns out Brandon’s father, Terrence, had recently died and was buried in Chicago without a gravestone.

“I don’t think anybody should go unknown in life,” Brandon told WDAY.

Brandon spent his summer mowing lawns for neighbors and strangers to earn money. Once he made enough money, he reached out to Dakota Monument and worked with artists and designers to create a perfect maker to honor his biological father.
“If he could see it, he would be proud of me,” said Brandon.

After hearing of Brandon’s hard work, Dakota Monument decided they would donate the stone to Brandon.

That’s a pretty amazing story.